Welcome TCU Graphic Design Alumni!

Our network of alumni continues to elevate the reputation of our department through meaningful contributions to the creative industry here in the US and internationally. We welcome all professionals who earned a BFA, BA, second major, minor or emphasis in Graphic Design from TCU to join this successful network.

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Tyler Kitchens


Following is a list of a few of our successful graduates:

Lauren King / Designer,  Loyalkaspar, New York City, NY

Liz Mamey / Designer, Deep Focus, New York City, NY

Kristen Keiser / Designer, Pentagram, Austin, TX

Laura Hicklin / Graphic Designer, Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, Bentonville, AR

Ryan Harvey/ Senior Graphic Designer, Warren Douglas Advertising, Fort Worth, TX

Katie Honeycutt / Graphic Designer, Switch Creative Group, Dallas, TX

Catie Conlon/ Designer, SWOON, Dallas, TX

Nathan Sharp / Senior Visual Designer, Twilio, San Francisco, CA

Ky Lewis / Senior Art Director, Commerce House, Dallas, TX

Nicole Chavez / Art Director, T3, Austin, TX

Julie Adkerson / Art Director, The Marketing Arm, Dallas, TX

Kaitlin Lewis / Graphic Designer, Rattleback, Columbus, OH

Emmy Davis / Designer, Adcetera, Houston, TX

Tyler Kitchens / Creative Director, TracyLocke, Dallas, TX

Jayr Sotelo / Director of Motion Graphics, The Richards Group, Dallas, TX

Justin Childress / Creative Director, Partner, Switch Creative Group, Dallas, TX

Stefan Reddick / Creative Director, 70fkt, Dallas, TX

Luiz Baptista, Creative Director, Social Design, Fort Worth, TX

Kim Thwaits / Assistant Art Director, The Magazine at Pace Communications, Dallas, TX

Josh Childs / Product Manager, OpenMarkets, Chicago, IL

David Elizalde / Associate Creative Director, Warren Douglas Advertising, Fort Worth, TX

Charles Howlett / Senior Designer, Schaefer Advertising Company, Fort Worth, TX

Paul Miller / Creative Director, Ardent Creative, Fort Worth, TX

Brett Yanoski / Web Designer/Front-End Developer, Creative Director, Smile Savvy, Mansfield, TX

Mary Daniels / Art Director, Ascend Concepts, Fort Worth, TX

Dana Robinson / Senior Graphic Designer, The Vital Design Group, Southlake, TX

Nicole Nandrasy / Content Design Specialist, Brinker International, Dallas, TX

Polly Mullens / Account Manager/Graphic Designer, Ardent Creative, Fort Worth, TX

Shannon Johnson / Senior Graphic Designer, ClubCorp, Dallas, TX